Meet the Beekeepers

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The Honey Pot - Jerry & Jared Waites

This father and son team are co-owners of The Honey Pot & The Honey Pot Cafe. Opening in 2012, they have been providing breakfast and lunch and a place to browse their line of local Destin Honey and other bee-derived products. The Waites have been successfully beekeeping for about four years! After starting an apple orchard in Brantley, AL, they added beehives to assist in pollination. Soon, their hives had split and they had huge quantities of honey to distribute.

Their bees were transplanted to Destin after realizing the benefits of local honey and soon after, The Honey pot was selling 100% Treatment-Free Destin Honey along with several other products including soapscandles, and skin care under their newly trademarked Bee Renewed® product line.