What is Treatment-Free Honey?

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Treatment-free is a term given to honey when there are NO chemicals present in the beekeeping operation. Treatment-free beekeeping is very labor intensive, but the reward of providing our customers with a healthier product is worth it for us!

Chemicals? What do you mean, our honey is tainted? Why yes, that's exactly what I mean!

Honeybee's are plagued by numerous pests including MITES! (Varroa mites). All hives have mites, even feral hives. So as beekeepers we control them rather than eradicate them. Many beekeepers opt to using chemical methods of controlling mites by using Fumic Acid and other nasty volatile compounds. So how can this affect the final product? Many ways in fact. Honeybee's generate static electricity while flapping their wings (fanning), this attracts microscopic particles which in turn stick to the bee's. This is why bee's are constantly cleaning themselves to rid themselves of these microscopic dust particles. So imagine if there are chemicals present in the hive, it would directly make its way into the honey surplus via the bees. There is evidence to support this theory in which they've found very small concentrations of these chemicals in the finished honey products. There are many other ways that bee's come into contact with foreign chemicals however we eliminate the most obvious of those by refraining from using any form of chemical treatment on our hives.

Treatment-Free local honey from our area can be found exclusively at The Honey Pot!

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