Got Bees?  We Provide Hive Removal Services.


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Not only is The Honey Pot your source for 100% Treatment-Free Destin honey - we also rescue bees! Our Country is in desperate need of honey bees.  The population of feral honey bees in the United States has plummeted in the last decade. Primarily due to overpopulation alongside GMO crops and chemicals.  In case you are unaware, honey bees are indirectly related to nearly everything we eat.  They are vital to our food supply and without them, the human race would cease to exist!  Our company uses bee-friendly methods of extracting bees from your house/business/water meter/ANYWHERE!  From big to small, we tackle them ALL!

Normally this is a service our company offers to homeowners and business owners, however there are special occasions that warrant FREE removal!

Give us a call or contact us below for more for information on how you can help save the bees!  


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